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    Saffrane decorates your place

Saffrane, colour your heart

Saffrane has been part of Fashion Impulz since 2014.
And old passion for colourfull home accessories has finally become reality.

Colours highly contribute to atmosphere and to personal happiness. Feel good and at ease within your personal environment is an assett we all want to accomplish and this can be very simple.

Saffrane was also created to give back something to the county where Yoga originally comes from.. India. Yoga has personally helped me to overcome and conqueor certain obstacles in my personal life as well as physical discomforts.

It showed me how to personally grow and to feel happy without needing too many material things in life.

A constant smile and open yourself to notice the simple things in life.

Learn to breathe again, breath is your anchor on which Yoga is fully built.

Many products are made in India and are produced honestly in a well accomodated environment where workers are treated respectfully. Most of these beautiful creations are handmade and they should be rewarded for this. Thanks to them, we can enjoy these beautiful creations and decorate our house.

Saffrane also has products from other countries such as Indonesia and Thailand and all of them are produced honestly respecting the workers and their conditions.

As Saffrane wants to share the colours, warmth and happiness she wants to support projects where people really step out of their comfort zone and help other people to find a piece of happiness.  These projects will vary and can be followed online or through a blog.

We really hope that everyone will be inspired to grow with us and find your personal happiness somehow.