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    Saffrane decorates your place

Saffrane decorates your place!

As Saffrane has experience in redecorating spaces starting from zero, we can offer you to help creating a new atmosphere in your house.

We have good contacts with great furniture suppliers where you can buy unique pieces of nice furniture, you want to be different right?

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Also we can offer you to help you find certain styles of decorations.

As you can imagine, the webshop is a very small selection but we have access to much more decorations at great prices so please let us know what you are looking for and we will try to find this for you.

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In addition, we can also be helpful in renovating your place and get your nice lamp working (easy for some, a nightmare for others to get your light working  in the right spot above your table). Due to many renovations, we have good contacts with certain parties who can be your partner in renovating your house.

Everything is possible, no boundaries to create your new space.

Please feel free to contact us about creating your new home!!